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Most Salesforce clients are already paying for a robust management and reporting platform, and they just don’t know it.

BRIO leverages platform licenses, custom objects, automation, and data pipelines to manage employees, HR, client projects, sales, business KPIs, and more.

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Custom Salesforce Platform Solutions

Transforming Salesforce into a centralized hub, utilizing consolidated data to inform your sales and allocation process and providing real time insights of your KPIs.

People Operations

Centralize employee information for streamlined employee and HR management.

Create a single source of truth for information about the people who work for you, their roles and projects, key dates, active devices and licenses, and more. 

Project Management

Track the full lifecycle of projects and unify information from multiple business critical systems.

Integrate information from the systems your team uses to manage projects—things like task trackers, time and billing systems, or resource allocation tools. Add custom project information for a fully customized Project Management solution.

Dashboards and Advanced Reports

Consolidate data from multiple POINT systems for automated, real-time reporting on unique business KPIs.

Capture the right data—and then be able to view, share, and analyze it with custom, automated dashboards and reports.

Data Pipelines

Say goodbye to siloed data and hello to a fully integrated solution.

Strategic implementation of data pipelines, seamlessly weaving together information from disparate sources to create unified and insightful reports, dashboards, and actionable intelligence.

360° Customer View

Everything you need to know about all of your customers in one place.

Sales, Account Management, Project Management, people, dashboards and other key metrics.

Sales to Ops Handoff

Seamlessly covert won opportunities to projects and ensure a smooth sales to operations handoff.

Automate parts of the sales to operations handoff for projects by creating and linking projects, contacts, onboarding tasks, and more. 

Explore Examples of Our Salesforce Projects

With a sales process that was documented through email and a mix of spreadsheets, Xelerate needed to manage and track their sales more efficiently. Within 8 weeks, Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM system, was configured to suit as a primary system for Xelerate’s internal processes.

When this leading national law firm faced the daunting task of migrating 20-years of legacy data from a SQL database to Salesforce, they knew they needed an experienced partner with a passion for exceptional process management.

Salesforce Management Processes

BRIO’s experienced Salesforce specialists work with you at every step and provide extended support from start to finish. Each implementation is different, so we ensure that your Salesforce fits your business processes as efficiently and intelligently as possible. 


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