Big Data, Better Outcomes
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No data set is too large and no challenge too complex—BRIO creates enhanced data systems with custom apps and integrations to help you improve both your business outcomes and health outcomes for patients.

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BRIO’s Healthcare Solutions

Having quality technology solutions in every aspect of your operations is critical. From online portals to databases to telehealth systems, we create custom solutions that meet your unique needs.

Incentivize Insurance Renewals

We build insurance renewal portals using previously submitted HIPAA-compliant user data to pre-populate a personalized and secure link—streamlining the process to encourage patients to continue coverage into the next year. 

Simplify Claims Processing

For companies in the pharma, insurance, self-insured, or TPA industries, claims processing can be confusing, frustrating, and sometimes costly. We develop customized portals and algorithms that wield claims data to help you achieve your goals, from normalizing high-cost claims for specialty care to supporting subrogation services.

Strengthen Your Marketing and CRM

We put your data to work with proprietary algorithms, tool integrations, and bespoke portals that help you manage and retain current customers while pursuing new avenues for lead generation.


How do we take projects to the next level?
Our Process

No two projects are exactly the same, yet they probably have a lot in common. This is where our team’s expertise in technology and business comes into play.






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