Automated Email Processing

For this law firm, implementing intelligent technology solutions sped up existing processes, freeing valuable time for their entire team.

Cutting down on repetitive tasks to gain accuracy and efficiency.

Simon & Simon, PC is a full-service personal injury law firm with offices located throughout the Northeast. For more than 15 years, they’ve represented victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and medical negligence matters.

For Simon & Simon, providing aggressive, confidential, and competent representation distinguishes their firm from competitors. With a heavy caseload and 150+ court emails daily, Simon & Simon’s challenge was identifying processes that were needlessly repetitive and dependent on manual input, and transforming them into automated, scheduled tasks handled by technology.

Map it once, use it forever — an effort to normalize data.

Before working with Brio, Simon & Simon used another tech vendor to put an off-the-shelf system for automated email processing, taking a load off the team. However, Email2DB wasn’t working for them, because it was improperly configured.

We started identifying emails to ignore or dismiss in the initial push to get the app usable. Then we identified an additional 15 variations of standard court emails for automatic processing by Email2DB.

With Email2DB now processing emails, we began developing a series of reports to show management the output of the app.

How a single email kicks off a series of dependent actions.

Email2DB extracts information from each identified court email — both the body of the email and any attachments contained via links — and pushes the relevant information to the case management system to create documents, events, and tasks in the related case record.

With a single email from the court that contains a scheduled arbitration hearing, Email2DB does the following actions automatically:

  • Extracts the case number and client;
  • Extracts the time, date, and location of the arbitration hearing;
  • Creates related arbitration documents;
  • Creates an event for the arbitration hearing on the calendar of the appropriate lawyer;
  • Creates an additional 2 events on that lawyer’s calendar that must happen before the arbitration;
  • Creates tasks in their case management system related to the arbitration hearing.

More free time means more billable time.

Initially, Simon and Simon’s method was manually processing and reviewing court emails, taking almost all of one employee’s time. Now, with automated email processing, this employee was able to refocus on work that generates billable revenue for the law firm.

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