Effortless Sales Tracking

With a sales process that was documented through email and a mix of spreadsheets, Xelerate needed to manage and track their sales more efficiently. Within 8 weeks, Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM system, was configured to suite as a primary system for Xelerate’s internal processes.

Preparing for growth with a process-based approach to sales.

Xelerate helps companies find talent through data-driven recruitment solutions. Their hands-on approach to hiring starts by getting to know the in’s and out’s of their clients business, ensuring that they find applicants who meet predefined benchmarks.

With a 97% client retention rate, Xelerate’s recruitment process, metrics, and reporting were already mature. The data they collect on each recruitment cycle offers insights that tell their customers how many people applied for the position, where in the process they fell off, and why. Plus, this information helps Xelerate refine their approach to recruiting over time, adjusting to trends in data.

When Xelerate was ready to grow their sales team, they needed their sales process to provide data-driven insights, just like their recruiting process. Xelerate’s challenge was to transition their existing spreadsheet-based sales process to a platform that could simplify management, automate processes, and easily report on data.

Developing a mature and repeatable sales process on the Salesforce platform.

Before implementing Salesforce, Xelerate used a series of spreadsheets and emails in individual inboxes to manage their sales. Though this method of management worked for Xelerate while it was managed by executive leadership, when the recruiting company began to expand their sales team, they knew they needed a more streamlined process to turn leads into clients.

Transforming Xelerate’s sales process started with a discovery phase. Brio’s consultants worked closely with the Xelerate team to review their sales process and related documents, making small tweaks to improve workflow and build in automation.

Through discovery conversations and exercises, Brio built Xelerate’s Salesforce instance to automatically create and qualify leads from inbound emails, split work between sales representatives and project managers, and provide in-platform communication to give a 360 degree view of all activities associated with a lead or client.

A CRM for sales — and so much more.

With a new home for all of their data in Salesforce, Xelerate ditched their spreadsheets and began communicating with their leads and clients via the Salesforce platform. This centralized location for all sales management allows leadership to view and report on progress at any time, and without manual labor.

With a deep understanding of how Xelerate operates, Brio explored additional integrations that would reduce complexity and increase efficiency when working with existing and potential clients. We implemented apps and custom objects for Xelerate to manage other processes via the Salesforce platform:

  • Event Scheduling: Created processes to track hours and send invoices as specific milestones approach.
  • Task Tracking: Developed automated processes to create and assign tasks to team members based on process stages.
  • Email Automation: Implemented Cirrus Insight to streamline email processing, and implemented apps for Outlook and web browsers to standardizing and simplify entering and updating Salesforce data.
  • Contact Management: Deployed an app to capture business card images and import the information directly into the Salesforce CRM.

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