Transportation & Logistics

Dozens of factors impact the process of moving your products from point A to point B. 

The greater visibility and control you have over your transportation network, the better you’ll be able to see that freight reaches its destination safely and on schedule.

Let's talk about making your technology our business.

BRIO’s Transportation and Logistics Solutions

BRIO understands the critical nature of transportation management and supply chain logistics and helps businesses develop custom software and technology solutions that facilitate on-time deliveries, reduced spending, and improved efficiencies across the board.

Fleet Management

Optimize the performance and efficiency of your fleet vehicles and provide fleet drivers with the tools needed to maximize productivity safely.

Field Employee Reporting

From driver telematics to freight conditions to custom TMS and GPS tracking, get everything you need to monitor deliveries and get products to their destination on time.

Warehousing and Shipping

Maximize truckloads, optimize forward storage, and have confidence that freight is exactly where it should be at all times.

Developing A Customer Portal

How we securely pull information out of their existing on-premises system and make it available for customers on the web.

How do we take projects to the next level?
Our Process

No two projects are exactly the same, yet they probably have a lot in common. This is where our team’s expertise in technology and business comes into play.






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