Our process is also our promise: we’ll make your life and job easier, and you’ll have fun doing it.

Every technology company runs projects differently: there’s agile development and the waterfall method, lean development, rapid application development, and even something called extreme programming.

Enough jargon!

In our experience, the key to a successful project isn’t about having the slickest design or the cleanest code (even though we guarantee you’ll get both). It’s having a project manager and team who champions your project, leads it through our process, and nurtures it to success.

When you go Brio, your project is handled by one team from start to finish. Our innovative project management process engages all team members at the beginning of the project so they understand the big picture and build only the technology you need. Even if you wrap one project and begin another, your original team sticks with you.

How does BRIO approach projects?

No two projects are exactly the same, yet they probably have a lot in common. This is where our team’s expertise in technology and business comes into play.

Our process revolves around project management that goes beyond expectations. Your project team doesn’t just work your project – each contributor has ownership and leadership of the project’s success.

Your team at BRIO has all of the organizational and communication skills you expect and need to run a complicated digital project. Importantly, they also have the subject-matter and technical expertise to provide advice, answer questions, and make decisions about how to solve problems in your project as they arise.

Stages for Success

A straightforward approach to complex projects.



What’s your ROI? To find out, we ask questions that help us get to know your business, team, and goals. Then we leverage our expertise to create a roadmap that gets your project off the ground quickly.




With our eyes on the prize, we move into design: technical architecture, user experience design, and graphic design. Now you get to see a tangible output as your project comes to life with a personality all of its own.


... go BRIO!

When it’s time to execute your project, we break up your project into small, manageable pieces, and build individual elements that can be released early and often for review, testing, and improvement.

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