Hi! We’re BRIO.

Technology is our business, but so is real estate, law, healthcare, retail, and non-profit. Sounds like a lot, but only by truly understanding your industry can we build technology that really works for you.

Businesses and organizations in a vast range of industries rely on us to help streamline operations and simplify tedious tasks or eliminate them completely with fully customized solutions. Brio creates software and technology solutions that aren’t just functional – users actually want to use them as tasks and responsibilities become faster and smarter than ever before. Our work style and how we communicate with partners and clients ensure that even the most complex technical challenges are easy to understand, and we’re always aligned on the progress or state of your project.

At its core, BRIO is a collection of people who are passionate about making technology easy, accessible, and effective. We’re always listening to understand how we can improve things, and when we’re not building, we’re teaching our partners how to get even more out of the solutions we provide.

Our Leadership Team

Adam Cohan

CEO, Founding Partner

David Rose

President, Founding Partner

Leah Howse

Head of Staff

Larry Schmitt

Head of Technology

Our Values

When you work with us, you’ll see how these core values drive every interaction and decision.

Get stuff done - with purpose.

We show up every day to get our work done; not just to check the daily to-do box, but to ensure the work we do achieves meaningful outcomes for our team, clients, and the people they serve. We put our heads down, but we never lose sight of the big picture.

Listen like a teacher.

When we’re not building, we’re teaching – and sometimes we’re doing both. Our passion is rooted in making technology easy and accessible (not scary). To be a good teacher, we actively listen to gain understanding from our peers and partners.

Be fearless, not reckless.

You can always try again (and again); that’s how we learn to come up with that next best thing. We believe in taking calculated risks based on thoughtful consideration and informed experience.

Whistle while you work.

Work is better when you’re laughing (together). Make no mistake: we are serious about our work, but we know that a little laughter can go a long way at creating open and honest relationships.

No training necessary.

We make tedious things that our clients do every day intuitive or we eliminate them entirely. We create solutions that people can easily use – and actually want to use. Our work and communication style  ensures that even complex technical problems are easy to understand.

Don't blame; fix.

When problems come up and mistakes are made, we don’t point fingers; not at our own team, and not at our clients. We find a solution together and make sure it works.

Our Clients


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Brio implements innovative ways to use and leverage technology to interact with employees, customers, and data. We explore questions that inspire next-level thinking and lead to next-level technology.