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Use our tailored technology solutions to your advantage to accelerate the efficiency of your operation and the impact you can have for your customers.

Leverage platform licenses, custom objects, automation, and data pipelines to manage employees, HR, client projects, sales, business KPIs, and more.

You’ve got Litify. Now get BRIO to supercharge your firm.

Taking the mystery out of raw data with a webapp that consumes and reports on information automatically.

Our Areas of Expertise


Stabilize and simplify your infrastructure with the cloud services.


Secure and highly customizable solutions for a wide range of business processes.

Web Design

Make your website work smarter instead of harder and unlock untold potential.


Turn your data into actionable insights and increase the value of your business.


Boost development productivity with on-shore talent that elevates your technical reach.

Digital Transformation

Solve your unique business challenges and develop a technical roadmap.


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Reduce pain points for your clients and customers with our business automation expertise.


Sell your products online with fully customized, customer-friendly solutions.

Need something a little different?

We can build a customized approach for projects with special requirements.


Case Study

Developing a Customer Portal

When a key customer told this national logistics and construction management firm that they would win more of their business if information and reports were available online, they came to BRIO. We developed a way to securely pull information out of their existing on-premises system to make it available for their customers on the web.

Services Provided

Case Study

Effortless Sales Tracking

This client only documented their sales process through email and a mix of spreadsheets—they needed a better system. Within eight weeks, we configured Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM system, to spec to help them manage and track their sales more efficiently.

Services Provided



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Data Privacy in AI

How to protect sensitive data when leveraging AI services in the cloud. (And an example of one of the solutions that we came up with...


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