Experts in Legal Technology

Our team doesn’t just know law — they’ve practiced it.

Technical Consulting from Lawyers

BRIO has lawyers and paralegals on staff. This industry-specific knowledge combined with an extensive background in custom software development and project management ensure your firm has the expertise to make highly informed decisions.

Specialized Teams based on Law Type

Our teams are all skilled in Personal Injury law, and we have teams that focus specifically on Social Security and Disability, Workers Compensation, Mass Tort, and Non-Civil law. We’re always adding new law types to our toolbox, like Collections and Defense work.

Let's talk about making your technology our business.

BRIO’s Legal Software Solutions

It’s critical to have quality technology solutions in every aspect of your operations. From matter management to medical record retrival to email automation, we create custom solutions that meet your firms needs.

Medical Records on Autopilot

Process docs faster & get the most value from your case.

Collect medical records through a fully integrated workflow. The streamlined process starts with clients reporting their doctor, and then the system requests records, receives and processes those records. Automate expense creation and damage/injury analysis, too!

Integrated Accounting

Eliminate duplicate data entry and eliminate errors.

A law firm cannot survive without a flawless accounting system… but this often means duplicate data entry in two systems. Integrate your matter management system with  your accounting system so that your monthly, quarterly, and yearly reconciliations are a breeze.

Integrated Communication

Custom automations to track calls, texts, and faxes.

BRIO’s expert knowledge in VoIP and SMS systems means we can build automations specific to your workflow — plus, automate note taking and leverage reporting to give your team an accurate snapshot of which clients need to be contacted.

Explore Examples of Our Legal Projects

When this leading national law firm faced the daunting task of migrating 20-years of legacy data from a SQL database to Salesforce, they knew they needed an experienced partner with a passion for exceptional process management.

Extracting information from court emails to automatically create cases, documents, events, and more.

You’ve got Litify. Now get BRIO to supercharge your firm.

How do we take projects to the next level?
Our Process

No two projects are exactly the same, yet they probably have a lot in common. This is where our team’s expertise in technology and business comes into play.






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