Energy & Utility

Demand is rising for simpler methods of tracking and computing as usage reaches all-time highs.

While stock software options exist, they lack the features and integrations needed to deliver a truly exceptional, user-friendly experience. Brio’s custom software is built to your specific needs with system-wide compatibility. Whether you’re in oil and gas or residential utilities, our wide breadth of unique skills and technology solutions enable us to create custom software that helps you operate faster, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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BRIO’s Energy & Utility Solutions

It’s critical to have quality technology solutions in every aspect of your operations. From online portals to databases to sophistocated reporting, we create custom solutions that meet your and your customers needs.

Energy Iot Device Integration

Help protect, monetize, and manage companies’ IoT investments with custom energy management software.

Smarter Energy Management

Optimize every process, from energy metering to sustainability reports, and identify new opportunities to implement sustainable energy practices.

Connected Energy Operations

Connect the dots between refineries, pipelines, and workforces with a single platform featuring the utmost security, compliance, and risk management standards.

Explore Examples of Our Energy & Utility Projects

With thousands of miles of pipeline and hundreds of leak detectors in the ground, this water and waste recycling company was overloaded with data it didn’t know how to act on.

Simplifying Electrical Allocation​

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No two projects are exactly the same, yet they probably have a lot in common. This is where our team’s expertise in technology and business comes into play.






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