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Custom Litify Solutions

Medical Records on Autopilot

Process more records faster and get the maximum value out of your case.

Litify+ includes a fully integrated medical records workflow. The streamlined process starts with clients reporting their doctor, and then the system requests records, receives and processes those records. Automate expense creation and damage/injury analysis, too!

Integrate Accounting

Eliminate duplicate data entry and eliminate errors.

A law firm cannot survive without a flawless accounting system… but this often means duplicate data entry in two systems. Litify+ leverages the standard Litify Financial and Accounting packages and integrates them with your accounting system so that your monthly, quarterly, and yearly reconciliations are a breeze.

Integrated Communication

Custom automations to track calls, texts, and faxes.

BRIO’s expert knowledge in VoIP and SMS systems that integrate with Salesforce means we take integrations to the next level. Our Litify automations are specific to your workflow — plus, they automate note taking and leverage reporting to give your team an accurate snapshot of which clients need to be contacted.

Form Builder

Need a client to fill out a form? Need to use those answers in a pleading or discovery?

Litify+ has a form builder to create custom forms and send them via email. Clients can click a custom link to send a response, and their responses can be formalized and included in various templates. Common forms include client contract information update, treatment update forms and interrogatories.

Mail Room

Staff bogged down with processing mail?

Need to streamline how the incoming documents get processed, whether by mail, email, fax or even SMS? Litify+ has a workflow to tackle these issues, and streamline the document review and task assignment with each document.

Mass Tort+

Supercharge your mass tort practice with case ratings and dynamic calculations.

Litify+MassTort includes a proprietary data model that tracks the troves of data needed to evaluate mass tort claims. Whether pesticide, abuse, drugs, devices or product, our one-size-fits-all data model can handle thousands of clients and process thousands of data points.

Personal Injury+

Automate settlement processing and streamline data input in med chronos.

Litify+PI tackles common problems that firms deal with. It handles clients that are minors, deceased, or incapacitated while maintaining data integrity, and it can drop SOL or Notices on your calendar for a unified view of important deadlines. Plus, add free structures to calculate referral fees and revenue and manage co-counsel and dual rep scenarios.


SSD apps have your staff overwhelmed?

Litify+SSD handles your SSD and Veteran’s Disability cases from intake through matters. The package allows for managing the different (and simultaneous) claims, hearings, decisions and appeals. Best of all, the package supercharges your SSD practice by streamlining and guiding your users through the application process.

Litigation for Litify

Need to track key pleadings, depositions and discovery deadlines?

Litify+ includes a custom package that manages this and connects to your calendar so you never miss a deadline or deposition again. It also tracks the drafting and review of documents, and leverages the Docrio template builder to streamline and standardize your pleading and discovery production.

Explore Examples of Our Legal Projects

When this leading national law firm faced the daunting task of migrating 20-years of legacy data from a SQL database to Salesforce, they knew they needed an experienced partner with a passion for exceptional process management.

Extracting information from court emails to automatically create cases, documents, events, and more.

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Specialized Teams based on Law Type

PI | SSD | WC | MT | NCL

Our teams are all skilled in Personal Injury law, and we have teams that focus specifically on Social Security and Disability, Workers Compensation, Mass Tort, and Non-Civil law. We’re always adding new law types to our toolbox, like Collections and Defense work.

Technical Consulting from Lawyers

Work with real world Litify users

BRIO’s team doesn’t just know law — they’ve practiced it. BRIO has both lawyers and paralegals on staff that have used Litify in the real world. This industry-specific knowledge combined with an extensive background in custom software development and project management ensure your firm has the expertise to make highly informed decisions.

Developers that know Litify — and Salesforce, and Software…

A one-stop-shop for your technology

We can handle every aspect of your Litify project, from legal technical consulting and data analysis to custom integrations and complex data migrations. Our in-house team includes developers that can build just about anything you want, from apps to web pages to complete custom software solutions.

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