Simplifying Electrical Allocation

With upwards of 800,000 square feet of office space, more than 35 tenants, and an ever-changing mix of meters and electrical allocation, Ellis Preserve needed a way to allocate electrical charges for each tenant.

Gaining control of complicated data simplified billing for this property management company.

Ellis Preserve is a 218-acre master planned development in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. The historic campus includes office space, retail shops, and apartments.

Before working with Brio, Ellis Preserve used an Excel sheet with complicated crosstab calculations to allocate electrical charges that were hard to understand and almost impossible to update. To efficiency and accurately allocate the charges, our teams worked together to turn their onerous spreadsheet into an intuitive web-app.

How to make sense of spreadsheets that have gotten out of hand.

Designing the web-app focused on a simple interface that allowed Ellis Preserve to map out and update meter information and input raw data. This information drives reports with underlying calculations that are automatically updated to reflect changes in variables.

Bye, bye spreadsheets — Hello, user interface.

Ellis Preserve’s new web-app, MARS, made electrical allocation simple and reliable. With the data stored in a meaningful way and accurate underlying calculations, the reports the app provides are the backbone of their electrical allocation. Now, it’s easy for their team to:

  • Add, update, or retire meters on campus;
  • Calculate allocated tenant charges;
  • Generate monthly and year-end reconciliation reports.

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