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When their website ballooned to more than 5,000 pages, this non-profit needed a strategy to streamline and condense their existing web content, a plan for the future, and a website to house it — all while designing a new brand identity, too.

SIAM’s investment in technology modernized their website — and brand.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is an international community of more than 14,500 individual and 500 academic, government, and institutional members. Through publications, research, and community, the mission of SIAM is to build cooperation between mathematics and the worlds of science and technology.

Their focus hones in on 17 distinct research areas and includes the publication of more than 30 peer-reviewed journals and books; hosting more than a dozen conferences per year; offering educational and professional programs for students at all levels; providing opportunities for networking and community amongst members; and advocating for science policy and STEM education.

With so many offerings, SIAM produces a wealth of content regularly that’s valuable to their membership both at the time it comes out, and much later down the road, too, for research purposes. SIAM’s challenge was to create a meaningful structure for this content and a system that could easily manage it moving forward.

Saying goodbye can be hard (or how to go from 5000 to 500 pages).

SIAM’s previous website had been actively used for more than 15 years, and contained content that went back well beyond that — to the late 80s. Through user interviews, focus groups, and organizational input, we quickly learned that even the oldest content was still useful to their member base and needed to be accounted for.

Our journey to design a user experience for SIAM focused on prioritizing the most important content and organizing it into meaningful sections, while still letting their membership access older content. Based on input from SIAM’s user base, we created 17 distinct research areas that combined content from their various programs and publications into one central location. Plus, we reduced the overall page count 10% by combining many duplicative pages of content to create more concise, easy-to-digest sections of the website.

The more custom the CMS, the more simple the management.

Before rebuilding their website, SIAM’s team needed extensive HTML experience to make updates to the website. They often spent 15+ hours a week updating the site, and ended up with duplicative content that needed to be updated in many places.

SIAM wanted to transition day-to-day content management of the website from their IT department to Marketing, and needed a system that could be updated with little to no coding experience necessary. This is where the LiquidContent functionality that comes with the DNN Evoq Content platform comes into play.

With LiquidContent, we designed 30 unique types of content, each with a hyper-specific field set that relates to the content displayed to users. This allows SIAM’s Marketing team to enter content through a form-like interface, and have it automatically formatted to match the existing style guide and show in the right section of the site. Plus, this type of content entry makes it possible for the same piece of content to show on the website in many places with a single update.

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