Shift Coverage at a Glance

When this security company wanted to give their customers the ability to see whether a shift was covered in real-time, they needed a user-friendly web portal that could display data from their ERP.

Taking 24/7 support to the next level with a real-time web portal.

When this security company wanted to give their customers the ability to see whether a shift was covered in real-time, they needed a user-friendly web portal that could display data from their ERP.

Security Resources partners with security companies throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico to provide comprehensive security guard solutions with a centralized point of contact.

Known for their top-notch 24/7 customer support, Security Resources wanted to add value for customers by giving them yet another way to access their information anytime, and from anywhere — via a web portal. Though Security Resources already had a mobile app developed by another vendor, after getting feedback from clients using the app, they discovered that there were limitations because of the need to download and update the app via the Apple Store and Google Play.

Through this initial feedback, Security Resources decided to move to a web-based app to give clients a better experience and their internal team better control of updates, functionality, and data outputs. With this data already collected and stored on a regular basis, the challenge for Security Resources was finding a simple way to extract the information from their database and display it through a user-friendly web app.

Quickly bringing an idea to market with scalable functionality — and full flair.

When Security Resources approached us, they needed help understanding how their existing ERP could drive an interactive website or app. Brio’s consultants worked with Security Resources to first understand the capabilities and uses of their ERP, and then to explore ways that information could drive client engagement.

With a full feature set in hand, we worked with Security Resources to create a list of must-haves for their MVP. To get their vision to life within 4 short weeks, we chose a finite feature set and a sample set of static data. Then, we built the portal on the DNN content management system to take advantage of the system’s built-in user management and security roles.

Meeting the tight deadline, Security Resources had a presentation ready, responsive web portal with the ability to request security service, report incidents, see metrics and key performance indicators, and view the coverage status of guard shifts for all of their locations.

Going from MVP to marketable product.

After talking with customers, Security Resources knew what features they wanted to go to market with, and what to save for future phases or remove entirely. Security Resources plans to work with Brio to expand the functionality of the web portal based on client exposure to the current MVP.

To truly bring the portal to life, Brio worked with Security Resources and their ERP vendor to create a scheduled process that would send information from their internal database to the website. With the data in hand, we were able to identify unique situations and types of data that needed to be excluded from view because it did not benefit Security Resources clients.

On the backend, Brio developed an interface to allow Security Resources to assign permissions for clients to view specific locations for their security operation. The ability to drill-down to a hyper-specific set of locations allows Security Resources to meet the varied needs of their clients.

A competitive new service offering.

With the launch of their IntelliGuard 360 client portal, Security Resources can offer their clients real-time access to security shift coverage, an add-on to their current service offerings. Their clients can also use the portal to request new shift coverage.

Because of the flexibility of the DNN content management system and the custom integration we developed with their ERP, the IntelliGuard 360 client portal can continue to grow over time, offering more and more ways to utilize data the company already collects.

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