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After this clothier had established themselves with an online store they knew they needed a partner to maintain and update the store on a regular basis - with new products, focused marketing tactics, and better strategies.

Maintenance and support tailored to maximize sales and efficiency.

Swet Tailor came to BRIO with an existing site but wanted help keeping the daily store operations going smoothly. We manage their product catalog, streamlining introductions to new looks and promotions seamlessly to their store. BRIO also helps Swet Tailor with upselling strategies by setting up intuitive discounts between complementary products.

Swet Tailor decided to use Shopify as the platform for their online store for a number of reasons. It is easy to set-up a visually appealing store with a good starting point. It also allows designers to create an exceptional interface for the website’s front- and back-end. This flexibility lets Swet Tailor easily add features and functions to their site, creating added value with minimal effort. Because their theme is completely mobile responsive, Shopify also helps Swet Tailor sell on the go..

Partnering with BRIO means your store is capable of more.

  • Graphic Design: Whether you need a full theme, a landing page, or an email template, BRIO’s team has the capability to deliver just the look you’re imagining.
  • Google AdWords: By setting up Google AdWords campaigns for your business, BRIO can help you reach a wide and diverse audience, drawing the attention of customers looking for products like yours.
  • Google Analytics: BRIO sets up your website to record and report on traffic with meaningful metrics, dashboards, and reports.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns: BRIO creates appealing and informative email marketing campaigns that help your customers stay up to date on new products, discounts and promotions, and other important store news.

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