Save on Salesforce: How to Dig for Discounts

We’re always looking for tips to improve your Salesforce experience. Previously we shared with you the Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Salesforce. Now, we’re uncovering ways to cut the cost of your Salesforce investment. Salesforce discounts aren’t unheard of,  there’s actually a few approaches to getting a good deal. You can try one of tactics below, or a combination, to get the most bang for your buck. 

End of quarter -To meet quotas, sales reps are often encouraged to offer special promotions towards quarter-end.  If you sign up during this time it’s doubly good, as you’ll always be going to renew at the end of the quarter, which can perpetuate the discount. 

Number of licenses – To push for more users, Salesforce tends to give aggressive breaks when a large team is moving to the system. If you expect to move another portion of your team or another department into Salesforce soon, mention it to your sales rep.

Product mix – Salesforce may offer a discount if you anticipate using additional products, similar to how insurance companies offer bundle discounts. Mention your interest in supplemental products such as Marketing Cloud, Services Cloud, Quip, etc. to find out what your rep can do for you.   

Contract length – Salesforce is big on customer loyalty and retention tactics. So it should be assumed that the longer you sign a contract for, the larger the available discount. Again, discuss your options with your sales rep, find out if you can get a discount for signing a long term contract.

Competing options – You can leverage your interest in competitors by disclosing to your rep that Salesforce is a viable option but you’re shopping around as part of your due diligence. Salesforce reps are well versed on what their competitors offer and well trained in persuading you other CRMs fall short, so be ready to negotiate. 

Edition upsell – If you allow your rep to upsell you, he’ll offer a discount on Enterprise with strong reasons to use it, primarily integrations. That being said, the license price almost doubles so this one is on the riskier side.

Nonprofit and Educational Institutions – If your organization is an eligible nonprofit or educational  institution, you can get in the cloud subscription for free. Through the Power of Us program, eligible organizations can receive 10 donated subscriptions of Salesforce Enterprise Edition and even more discounts on other Salesforce products and services.  

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