Migrating Matters to the Cloud

When this fast-growing law firm wanted to switch matter management systems, they knew they needed to get their data up to par and create an intuitive, repeatable workflow for their team.

First-rate data and repeatable processes created the foundation this law firm needed to transition to the cloud.

Pond Lehocky has been providing superior representation in workers’ compensation and Social Security disability law since 2010. Today, they are the region’s largest firm with this focus area, staffing more than 200 employees at 12 locations.

For Pond Lehocky, rolling out new processes and structured data would deliver unified communications, an improved client experience, and a reduction of overhead costs.

Though the law firm had processes in place to run their business, oftentimes employees would approach the task differently, resulting in varied outputs. On top of this, their existing matter management system allowed overloaded fields and promoted a disorganized structure to the firm’s data.

A 360° view at the good, the bad, and where they became great.

To start, we worked with the stakeholder team at Pond Lehocky to understand what key functions existed in their business and examine them closely. Through interviews and exercises, we identified 5 key processes and mapped out their existing workflow in visual diagrams. Next, we created a series of requirements that must be met within each process area and defined metrics to measure success.

With this high-level information, Brio took a closer look at the steps of each process and spoke with the individuals at Pond Lehocky responsible for executing that specific process. Through those conversations, we were able to marry input from stakeholders and other employees to tweak existing processes and create new ones.

Workflow that’s standardized, documented — and ready to integrate.

With input from all teams in hand, Brio went to work on documenting each new process, both for use by the internal team at Pond Lehocky and by the developers who would handle the migration to the cloud.

For each process, we created detailed documentation that laid out it’s:

  • Workflow
  • Business Logic
  • Decision Trees
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Reports
  • Helper Processes
  • Integrations

Let the migration begin!

After careful review and buy in from all teams, the project shifted to development. The Brio team expanded to include developers to handle the migration, implementation, and integrations on Pond Lehocky’s new cloud-based matter management system. Their work continues today — check back for results when the project goes live.

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