Intro to Azure Data Factories

Learn about the basics on Azure Data Factories, a service from Microsoft Azure that make processing, migrating, and transforming data a seamless process.

What is a data factory?
It’s a cloud-based, Microsoft Azure service to create, orchestrate, and manage data movement and enrichment. Data factories migrate, sync, and transform data sets—and to provide data analysis and recommendations.

How do data factories work?
They consume data from different sources, and then filter and organize it based on business rules and logic. Raw data gets pulled in from a source system, and then algorithms and rules filter, transform, and organize the data into new structures. This organized information is then analyzed and used to form workflows and pipelines for completion through high-capacity cloud computing services (like Azure).

Why should I use a data factory?
With Azure Data Factories, more than 100 connectors exist to databases, APIs, and other systems that you probably already use. They’re built for git, work with on-prem or cloud data, and you only pay for what you use.

Learn about data pipelines and other advantages of data factories by downloading this presentation.

Azure Data Factories
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