Custom Software for Marketing Research

For decades, marketing research was a people-powered, pen-and-pencil industry. To switch to a technically-driven process, this marketing research company needed a technical partner who could understand their existing systems — both technical and non — and create a forward-looking plan to take their processes online.

An investment in technical innovation gave Focus Pointe Global an edge over their competitors.

For more than 30 years, Focus Pointe Global has been collecting insights from consumers and businesses at their 20 research facilities across the United States.

Because their business focuses on people, the first challenge Focus Pointe Global faced was making sure that their existing project information system could flawlessly integrate with every new solution, driving the experience for both their internal team and external users.

Driving change in a dynamic technical environment.

Giving Focus Pointe Global an advanced technical presence started with developing a website that reflected the process to join their database and begin participating in research studies in a simple, easy to understand way. Because they collect personal information in their sign-up process and studies, inspiring trust and credibility was of the utmost importance.

With a strong website in place, our focus shifted to improving internal processes and other technical systems. Based on our deep knowledge of their operations, we designed a series of integrated apps to recruit for and run their research studies.

When the business requirements match the technology, everyone wins.

Focus Pointe Global had an established in-house team of developers who maintain and add to their current systems. Even though their team could successfully execute on projects, they lacked understanding of the bigger picture and often built solutions in a silo, without considering other integration points.

Because they wanted to utilize the existing talents of their team, we began working on-site with their developers twice a week to layout a roadmap of changes requested to all systems, and how and when to implement those changes. Plus, we helped them create more streamlined processes to handle internal and external support requests as they related to each system.

Streamlined, integrated technology.

With technical systems in place to support their unique processes, Focus Pointe Global transformed their identity and established themselves as a major player in changing the way marketing research is conducted and reported.

Over years of working together, we’ve:

  • Given total control of the website to the Marketing department, so there’s little to no need to contact IT for content updates;
  • Created new website content that helped their website gain considerable search rank, jumping from 30,000 views per month to more than 1 million;
  • Automated internal processes to drive efficiency in key areas of the business.

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